Persephone kit available

1/4 scale Persephone kit

As previously mentioned, Persephone has been printed to 1/4 scale Figur. I decided to cast only 20 kits, specially for friends but couple are available for sale. Kit comes in a package with custom styrofoam to ensure safe shipping. The factory in China handles the shipping and various shipping methos (DHL, EMS, TNT, Economy) are available. If you are interested, feel free to contact me.

10 Replies to “Persephone kit available”

  1. Hello,

    This figure is absolutely astounding.

    I realise it’s been a little while and there were only going to be a couple for sale, but do you have any left? Would you ship to Sydney Australia?

    thanks and regards, Craig.

  2. this is exactly what i have been looking for… along with a Cerberus and Hades… but i have noticed that you only had a few for sale… are their any left of these??

    1. Thank you Rane,
      last one was sold on ebay couple days ago. I still have one, (my second personal ) which I wanted to paint differently, but I cant find the time for it, so I may sell it. If you are interested feel free to let me know.


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