I always wanted to try a 3D Statue project, and finally I decided to start with the diorama Hercules vs Lernaean Hydra from the Greek Mythology. As a child I was very fascinated with the Labours of Hercules, so this is why I started with this Hero. After all there are so many statues and figures from Marvel or DC universe, I wanted something fresh but also classic.

Hercules Vs Hydra has been inspired by Kit Ho´s  Art and was meant to be a 1/4 scale Statue.
For this project I hired a 3D sculptor, Parag Lavante, who was not only very excited of the idea but also had enough patience with me and my many revisions on the sculpt. And last but not least, I should also thank my friend Jonathan Reilly for his vauable feedback and the final tweaks on some areas. Here are couple pictures of the Hercules vs Hydra 3D sculpt:

A year later, Hercules vs Hydra got physical form, thanks to the 3D printing technology. It was a long journey to get him printed, but it had to be done in great quality.

I am now in a process to make couple kits for friends, not 100% sure yet. As soon as I receive the parts from China, I will start putting him together, hopefully I will find the time to post some W.I.P updates here.

6 Replies to “HERCULES vs HYDRA”

    1. Hi Richard,
      there are many factories in china. They offer printing, casting and producing services. I used one in Guangzhou, but printing in general is expensive.


  1. Hi Kostas,

    Thanks for posting back to me. i have noticed printing is really expensive as well. Could you tell me the name of the company you used? How were you able to get such a small batch made? I have been told 500 is a minimum size.


    1. Hi Richard,

      I can only comment for scales 1/6 or 1/4, for painted and boxed figures min batch is 50. For unpainted (kits) you can start with 20.


  2. Hi

    i am interested in the 1/4 scale unpainted kits. Could you post or email me who you go to because it looks like they did a great job?


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