1/4 Scale HULK

HULK 1/4 scale

Two years ago, I have been commissioned to build a a HULK kit, based on the design from Dale Keown. The resin kit was very well casted and it was produced by the same team which brought us the 1/3 scale Venom. After the basic clean up of the parts, I went the same road with Hulk as I did with Venom, 2 part epoxy glue to attach arms, legs and torso, some Aves Sculpt to fill the gaps and he was ready for priming. For painting I used again acylics, mostly tamiya. The skin tone and the overall choice of colors were done per customers request. The only extra that I have added, was the radiation decal on the base. On the picture above you can see Hulk next to the 1/4 scale Wolverine from Sideshow, just to get an idea on the size.

This HULK is long out of production, there are some hollow PVC recasts on ebay, very poorly made, so please be aware of those. Below are couple pictures I took during this project, enjoy.

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  1. Hello,

    I love your job. I was wondering if you are interested in selling the model for 3D printing. I make personal 3D prints of superheroes, and you have designs that are interesting.

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