The Outrider

The Outrider

Dash Rendar’s famous ship, the Outrider was a modified YT-2400 freighter. Some may remember this ship from the Star Wars pc game: Shadows of the Empire. Fortunately this nice ship has been offered as a resin kit from Zarkus models, couple years ago. The Outrider kit came in 1/72 scale and despite some problem areas it was a very fun project back in 2010. I have added many details here and there, painting was done with Tamiya colors, oils as filters and pastels for weathering.


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    1. sorry this is long out of production. I dont think anyone will produce another 1/72 Outrider soon. There is a small 1/144 Version available from JPG Productions , you may look it up on Facebook or Starship Modeler store

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