The Blackbird was seen in couple episodes only in the newest Battlestar Galactica TV Show. Even that this was not a fighter type of ship, it still introduced a very interesting design.  JT-Graphics made initially a Blackbird resin kit in 1/24 scale under the label of Bad-Azz. For those that are not familiar with this type of kits, these are mostly a 3D print of the actual file of the digital model, which are afterwards casted in resin. Quality and level of Detail is top notch, really for a resin kit, it doesn’t get any better than this.

I have built the Blackbird kit, right out of the box, with only one addition, the seat belts in the cockpit. I used Eduard photo etched parts for this. Kit includes a pilot, but I didn’t like the sculpt, specially the head proportions seemed off, so I didn’t include him. Overall this was easy to build, all parts went well together and very little sanding was required. However the landing gear does require a little work as you have to include brass rod, comes with the kit, but you have to measure and cut it by yourself.

As for the painting, I didn’t want to go with simple black as I wanted to highlight the surface material more and used my own mix of black and brown colors.

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