Here is a build for a client of the custom Venom, a resin kit offered by Spawning Pool Studios. This Venom kit was limited to 40 and is 1/3rd scale which is really huge and heavy. The biggest challenge while puting this together was to work with a statue of this size and mass. The parts did fit very well together, some bondo work was required here and there I used aves sculpt for the most part. The head came into three pieces which made the painting of the mouth area easier. In the picture above is a size comparison with the 1/4 scale Wolverine from Sideshow Collectibles.

I have painted Venom with Tamiya paints (spray cans mostly) and Vallejo acrylics for the mouth (teeth, tongue). I used Nato Black as base color for the skin and sprayed some blue shades here and there and as a last step I did a blue dry brushing to highllight some areas.

Venom Pics 🙂

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