M. BISON Street Fighter – Painted

M. BISON Street Fighter

I am happy to report that the 3D file of M. BISON Street Fighter has been sucessfully printed in 1/4th scale. The factory has done a very nice job and also prepared the forms for production. The prototype of M. Bison has been painted  now, I just received some pictures which hope you will enjoy, see gallery below. Please consider the chain with Guile’s dogtags is missing from his right hand as these need to be casted in metal.

The exact statue dimenisons are apprx T: 13,8 inches (35cm) x W: 12,2 inches (31cm) x D: 12,6 inches (32cm). Feel free to contact me in case of questions around this wonderful M.Bison Street Fighter statue.

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      1. Hello! I would love to purchase one of these as a birthday gift for myself this month lol, are they still available? I would email you but wasn’t sure where to find an address. If you happen to have Twitter, my page is @franciscapra and my DM’s are open. Thanks!

  1. what did the email say? this thing is amazing! i would really like to know more, like how much it would cost and where i could get my hands on a copy of this wonderful thing. My Brother would love it! This thing should be officially for sale, it looks amazing.

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